Emotion & Affective Technologies for Inclusive Mental Health

Bringing Communities Together

Special Session at ACII 2019 (Cambridge, UK, 3–6 September)


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Call for Papers

Behavioral health technologies are gaining increasing prominence in the delivery of mental health interventions. However, the affective elements underpinning mental health are not sufficiently addressed, despite the fact that the emotional component of mental health conditions is considerable, e.g.:

Mental health affects the very core of who we are, and everyone’s experience of mental health disorders is unique. Approaches to mental health therefore need to take into account the diversity of lived experiences of mental illness. In addition, mental health issues do not impact uniformly across the population. For example, women are more likely than men to suffer from mental health problems, while people from minority ethnic groups are more likely to be diagnosed with mental health problems in the UK, and also more likely to disengage from mainstream mental health services. It is therefore imperative that mental health services, through diagnosis, therapies and support, are strongly inclusive.

To address these issues, the aim of this special session is twofold:

  1. To highlight the importance of emotions in many aspects of mental health, often neglected in models of mental disorders, and
  2. To bring together different disciplines involved in the understanding and treatment of affect-related mental health, as well as different approaches and technologies within affective computing, to discuss how these different partners and aspects must work together to address mental health in an inclusive way.

With this double aim in mind, we solicit papers addressing the potential contributions of affective technologies and multi-disciplinary research to promote inclusive mental health, including topics such as (but not excluding other relevant topics):

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Submitted papers should follow the guidelines and submission instructions for the main ACII conference.