About Me: Why Emotion Modeling in Robots?

Welcome to my Emotion Modeling in Robots Website. Here is some information about me and why I am working on this.

After studying Philosophy, I turned to AI first and then to embodied cognitive and affective robotics as a way of exploring the "big", classical philosophical questions (such as "what are the conditions of possibility of knowledge?" "what is an agent?" "how do we get to know and interact with other agents?") from a synthetic perspective.

My research centers around the origins and constituents of embodied cognition, which I am exploring in artificial autonomous agents (robots and artificial life simulations) within an "embodied cognition" framework and drawing on the cybernetics tradition. I am focusing on motivated behavior, gounded on a (artificial) physiology and notions such as metabolism and homeostasis, and on the role(s) that emotional phenomena play in various aspects of intelligence, adaptation, behavior, and interaction, particularly via mechanism such as hormonal/chemical modulation and its interaction dynamics.

I am Professor and INEX Chair of Neuroscience and Robotics at CY Cergy Paris University, in the ETIS Lab, France. I am also a (honorary) Visiting Professor in the Adaptive Systems Research Group, University of Hertfordshire, UK.

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E-mail address: Lola.Canamero@cyu.fr


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