Some Research Videos

Developmental Robotics and Affect Development in Human-Robot Interaction:

a) FEELIX GROWING: EU-funded interdisciplinary project on emotion development in humans, robots and chimpanzees

b) Our Robot Nursery: New Scientist video (opens in new window)

c) Developmental Robotics: The Role of the Caregiver in the Development of Emotion (Stress) Regulation

d) Sensorimotor Experience and Affective Development in an Epigenetic Robot

Affect-Driven Decision Making:

a) Hormonal Modulation of Perception in Action Selection: The Effect of Emotion of Decision Making

b) Pleasure and Decision Making in Action Selection

Embodied Computational Psychiatry:

a) Our First Robot Model of Compulsive Behavior in OCD

The Evolution of Affective Systems:

a) Evolution of Affect-Related Behavior